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Hi there my name is Paul and I am a traffic expert .

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I am proud to be working with Misha Wilson and have a very special offer for you as a student, client or business partner of Misha Wilson. Read on to find out how you can get an incredible 50% discount off of my Premium Buyers List Traffic. 

But first I would like to share my story with you.

Over the past few years I have been fully focused on nurturing my email list and providing converting email traffic to my customers in the Make Money Online, MLM and Affiliate Marketing world and in the Health and Weight Loss niche.

I am proud to say that I have played a part in helping them to build a successful online business with my traffic source.

My clients keep coming back to buy more and more premium solo ad traffic that converts and produces sales for them consistently. I love my loyal repeat customers and I look forward to also providing You with a first class service to help you grow your email list and win sales. I am only able to offer you my services as my list has grown exponentially in recent months and I have an increased capacity enabling me to provide a service to new clients.

I will work with you to review your websites and funnels and collaborate with you in creating a traffic strategy to grow your business. My goal is to work with you on a long term basis as I do with many of my other customers.

Are you ready to get some quality traffic to your website? Use the links below to buy or contact me first to discuss your requirements.

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High Page Rank Marketing

I've Put My Entire Focus Into Nurturing My List To Ensure That My Traffic Buys!

Laser Targeted Leads

We constantly trim dead wood on our list to ensure that our subscribers are of the most responsive of all. Our traffic is solely from our own list.
Do Not buy cheap solo ads traffic which may have come from safe lists and traffic exchanges.

Buyers Included

Premium Buyer Traffic List leads have huge buying power as they have bought courses and joined programs for anywhere between $7 to $4997. Their passion is making money online and they love to receive my emails.

100% Tier 1 Traffic

We only deal with 100% Tier 1 traffic as our past results have shown that Tier 1 countries always buy. In fact you will find that almost all of my traffic is USA based.

World Class Funnel Review

Clueless on whether your funnel works with our list? Don't worry with my experience I will be able to help you to see which funnel is working and which is not.

Personal Guarantee

As with all forms of advertising I cannot guarantee that you will get sales immediately but I guarantee we will deliver the traffic that you purchased on your end, if not I will personally send you a full refund. We also usually over deliver on clicks by about 20%.


Quality Traffic 100% Tier 1 Only. Come And Join Our Many Happy Customers

How to Order: Click one of the red buttons on this page this will take you to the order page then tick the box for Premium Buyers traffic and then select the number of clicks required and finally 


Q: “Hey Paul, I’ve never heard of you. How do I know you’re the best option?”

A: I have been quietly working away with a select band of customers but have now opened the doors to bring in a wider customer base as my subscriber list has grown exponentially in recent times. 

Q: “I’ve been scammed before real bad, I’m worried.”

A: I make mid 5 figures a month and I am a huge authority in this niche, I wouldn't jeopardize my reputation by scamming you for just a few hundred dollars .

Q: “Solos didn’t work for me! How do I know yours will?”

A: First, you need to make sure that you are not making the mistake of just sending traffic to a sales page or having an unappealing website or email swipe, otherwise if you still got bad results, the vendor’s list is probably stale, not nurtured right or just low-quality.. unlike mine. I won’t promise you that it will work for you, like all solo ads vendors I have to make you aware that I cannot guarantee sales.. but I’m confident you’ll see results you’ve never experienced before.

Q: What type of offers convert well to your traffic?

A: My list loves to invest their money in:

  • Make Money Online Products or Systems
  • Biz Opp Offers - MLM Offers - Network Marketing Offers
  • Affiliate Offers in the "Make money online (MMO)" niche
  • Crypto and Financial Trading 
  • Health
  • Weight loss

Q: “I’m ready to buy! What do you need from me?”

A: Once purchased you may add me on Facebook or Skype and drop the link details or send it using the field on the checkout page on this website. I will contact with details of the next steps we will take.

Q: “Do you need my email swipe copy?”

A: Up to you but I also write my own copy if you do not have one to give me. As my list tends to understand me better, at times it would be better for me to write my own swipes

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